5 Tips for Staying Healthy

Tip 1: Eat at the right time.

Adjust your lifestyle so that you are consuming the majority of your food after 10pm. This will allow your body several hours to digest your food while you sleep, giving you a nice thin body to wake up to in the morning.

Tip 2: Use medicine wisely

When it comes to taking medicine I always apply a simple rule my mother taught me. “If a little medicine is good, then a lot of medicine is great.” My mother may have passed away when she was 39, but her wisdom lives on. Medicine is good for your body, so take it when you are sick. Many people wonder how much medicine they should take when they are sick. When you are faced with this dilemma, just ask yourself this question, am I still sick? If yes, then take some more medicine. Keep taking it until you no longer feel the symptoms of your illness.

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Tip 3: Select the right kinds of food

When selecting bread, steer more towards white bread. White is a synonym for “pure.” White bread has a cleansing and almost purifying effect on those who eat it. Many Native American tribes actually called white bread “Quetzalcracker” meaning “Bread of Promise.” It was considered sacred for its healing qualities. So next time you are at Subway, bring your own white bread to wrap your sandwich in.

Tip 4: Exercise, if you have the time

Don’t get me wrong; exercise is really good for you. But you’re really busy. You have work to do, errands to run, and not to mention the house is a complete disaster. If you ever do get a moment of peace, you should probably take some time to start reading that book your aunt bought you for your birthday six months ago. She’s coming to town next month and you know she’s going to ask you about it.

Perhaps purchase a gym membership with the hopes that it will give you a sense of duty to make time for exercise. But just make sure to get a membership that you can cancel without any fees. You never know when life might get in the way.

Tip 5: Tan frequently

Not only is tanning the only way to give your body the life-sustaining Vitamin D that it needs, it also makes you hot. I’m talking sexy hot.

Stop for a minute and think of the hottest person you know. Now think of the second hottest person you know. What do they have in common? They are both very, very tan.

If tanning makes you hot, it only makes sense that the more you tan, the hotter you will be.

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