Isaac’s Garage of Mediocrity Endorses Bobby Jindal for President

Bobby Jindal is a once in a generation opportunity to elect a president who has dedicated his entire life to mediocrity.

Endorses Bobby Jindal

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Every election cycle we are bombarded with politicians promising to fix all our problems, build bridges, and returns us to greatness. These over the top promises have become so ubiquitous that we don’t even care when the promises are broken. Frankly, here at Isaac’s Garage of Mediocrity, we are sick of it. That is why we are honored to announce our endorsement of Bobby Jindal for President of the United States of America.

Bobby Jindal is a once in a generation opportunity to elect a president who has dedicated his entire life to mediocrity. When Mr. Jindal was elected governor of Louisiana, Louisiana was near the bottom of the charts for job growth, unemployment, and poverty. And after nearly eight years in office guess what, Louisiana is still the bottom dweller it always has been.

Bobby Jindal’s steadfast dedication to complacency and the status quo makes him the only candidate that we can in good conscience endorse for President of the United States.

America, it’s time to put your dreams and ambitions on the back burner and join us in supporting this great cause. But if things come up and you don’t get around to voting we understand.



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Quiz: How much do you know about Hanukkah?


How much do you know about Hanukkah

How much do you know about Hanukkah?

Watch the quiz questions here!

Read the Quiz Questions here!

1. The month of Kislev appears on which calendar?

A. Gregorian Calendar

B. Hebrew Calendar

C. Marie Calendar


2. Hanukkah celebrates the revolt of which group of people?

A. The Maccabees

B. The Sadducees

C. The Huckabee’s


3. How many candles does a Menorah have?

A. Eight

B. Nine

C. However many are left over from last year. Continue reading

7 Dumbest Things From Facebook

As we all know, Facebook isn’t necessarily the place to go for intellectual stimulation. So I’ve gathered a few of the dumbest posts, meme’s, and headlines I’ve stumbled across in recent weeks. Let’s laugh at dumb stuff other people have shared, and pretend like we’ve never done anything regrettable online.

1. The Angry Student Loan Bragger

Dumbest things from facebook

He even saved up enough money to purchase a Justin Bieber cutout.

2. The 2am Question

Dumbest things from facebook

I would remember how you totally called your death. That was impressive.

3. The world can never have enough copy editors

Dumbest things from facebook

You don’t need a degree to blog. Continue reading

Why the Age I Got Married is Right for Everyone

Let’s make one thing clear, the age I got married is right for everyone. If you are skeptical, here are a list of reasons why the age I got married is also right for you.

1. Your wife is scheduled to graduate from college before you do, which means she will get a sweet job and become your sugar momma.

2. You’re at the perfect age where you’re old enough that people won’t judge you for being too young to get married, but still young enough that they feel bad for you and give you large cash gifts.

age i got married

Guys, relax. You’re adults now. It’s not like you ever see friends outside of work anyway.

3. The unexpected windfall of money you encountered in Austin, Texas last summer won’t last forever. Might as well buy a ring and pay for a honeymoon while you still have it.

4. It’s literally the only way to get out of your contract with University Housing. Continue reading