FAQ about the Peculiar People Comedy DVD

You asked them and I’m answering them. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Deseret Book’s new comedy DVD “Peculiar People.”

peculiar people

Q. How much does “Peculiar People” cost?

$14.99 (About 1/55th the price of a college textbook)

Q. What is the street value?

U.S. 5 dollars, U.K 17 pounds. Mexico 6 grams.

Q. Where can I buy “Peculiar People”?

Deseret Book, Seagull Book,, and in about 9 months it will be available at most truck stops.

Q. Will I recognize any of the comedians?

Yes. Abi Harrison was featured on The Left Field, Jeremy Warner is a cast member on Studio C, and you went to high school with Aaron Woodall.

Q. Does it make Mormons look cool?

We tried very hard to represent members of the LDS faith the best we could.

Q. But does it make Mormons look cool?

Let’s just say you’ll want to invite Steve Soelberg over for a game of charades after you watch it.

Q. So no.

No, not really.

Q. I’m not a member of the Mormon Church, will I understand the jokes?
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6 Cool Facts You Already Knew About Armadillos

Armadillos are freaking cool, but you already know that.  Everyone knows that.  I can tell by the way you are viewing this page that you are one of the seven billion people on this planet that is passionate about armadillos.  Any person worth anything knows lots of cool stuff about them.  Why wouldn’t you?  Let’s review some of the totally rad stuff about armadillos that we all already know.

Armadillo Common Knowledge #1:  Armadillos can smell underground.

As all of you know, even though armadillos are basically blind and deaf, they get around really well because their sense of smell is incredible! They can even smell what’s happening in the ground under them. Their smell is so good they can smell when somebody is a faker and is only pretending to love armadillos!

Armadillo Common Knowledge #2:  Armadillos almost never get ran over.

Armadillos are so boss that when they get scared they jump in the air, often as high as four feet!  This makes it almost impossible for them to get ran over by a car. They are usually instead hit by fenders.  I must have killed at least 50 armadillos this way.  It’s so cool!


An armadillo jumps from the treacherous jaws of a car’s tires to the safety embrace of my front bumper.

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7 Secrets to Managing an Efficient Family

Raising a family in today’s world is tough.  Money is stretched between bills and more bills.  So much time is spent at work that it seems nearly impossible to find good quality family time.  How is a family supposed to navigate all of the responsibilities and demands of a modern society?  Well look no further than this comprehensive list.  It is sure to contain all of the answers to help your family out.

1. Quit using toilet paper.  Not using toilet paper can save a family an average of $25 per year!  Just think what you could do with the money you’ll be saving!

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Pros and Cons of Attending the Sundance Film Festival

sundance film festival

The Sundance Film Festival is once again upon us.  For over 30 years The Sundance Film Festival has been attracting top rate independent movies and actors to Utah.  In honor of the occasion, let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of attending the Sundance Film Festival.


Pro: Getting to ski in Park City, Utah.

Con:  Getting laughed at by a bunch of snotty rich kids as you struggle to stand up with skis on.

Pro: Seeing your favorite celebrities around town.

Con:  Using a public bathroom after Jack Black has destroyed it.

Pro: Seeing new independent films.

Con: Realizing you paid 20 dollars to watch an actor you’ve never heard of walk around in the woods naked for 2 hours.

Pro:  Enjoying the beautiful Utah landscape. Continue reading