Pros and Cons of Attending the Sundance Film Festival

sundance film festival

The Sundance Film Festival is once again upon us.  For over 30 years The Sundance Film Festival has been attracting top rate independent movies and actors to Utah.  In honor of the occasion, let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons of attending the Sundance Film Festival.


Pro: Getting to ski in Park City, Utah.

Con:  Getting laughed at by a bunch of snotty rich kids as you struggle to stand up with skis on.

Pro: Seeing your favorite celebrities around town.

Con:  Using a public bathroom after Jack Black has destroyed it.

Pro: Seeing new independent films.

Con: Realizing you paid 20 dollars to watch an actor you’ve never heard of walk around in the woods naked for 2 hours.

Pro:  Enjoying the beautiful Utah landscape.

Con:  Not being able to see the mountains because of all of the air pollution.

sundance film festival

Pro:  Networking with film industry professionals.

Con: Realizing you accidentally gave your personal contact info to a Vivint sales recruiter.

Pro: Going to watch George Lucas lecture on making movies.

Con:  “Am I really getting advice from the guy who gave us Jar Jar Binks?”




Sundance Film Festival