Why the Age I Got Married is Right for Everyone

Let’s make one thing clear, the age I got married is right for everyone. If you are skeptical, here are a list of reasons why the age I got married is also right for you.

1. Your wife is scheduled to graduate from college before you do, which means she will get a sweet job and become your sugar momma.

2. You’re at the perfect age where you’re old enough that people won’t judge you for being too young to get married, but still young enough that they feel bad for you and give you large cash gifts.

age i got married

Guys, relax. You’re adults now. It’s not like you ever see friends outside of work anyway.

3. The unexpected windfall of money you encountered in Austin, Texas last summer won’t last forever. Might as well buy a ring and pay for a honeymoon while you still have it.

4. It’s literally the only way to get out of your contract with University Housing. Continue reading


Secret’s of Cuddling Revealed

I get lots of fan mail. Most of it is people expressing their love for my incredible blog. Although those letters get monotonous, I am grateful for them. I also often get letters asking for relationship advice, something I am an expert in.

Question: “Isaac, how can I make my husband as great as you?”

Answer: Buying him a pair of khaki shorts is a great place to start.

Question: “Isaac, why won’t my husband watch The Bachelor with me?”

Answer: Because it’s lame.

But last week I received a letter asking a question that I feel deserves public attention.

Question: “Isaac, I love cuddling with you at night, but it seems like we rarely are both in the mood to cuddle on the same night. How come?”

Great question anonymous reader!

You see, the husband and wife cuddling relationship is very complex. Continue reading

The Dish Flavored of Sea (Ramen Noodle Poem)

In a plastic package at the grocery store
At a place near you and me,
Is a sealed bag with contents of gold,
That is practically given for free,
Though this package is seen as something of naught,
It is loved intently by me.

I was an hungered and it was an food
At this place near you and me,
And I ate off a plate that was more than great,
Of this dish that was flavored of sea,
My ate was so great that the wrath of a woman
Coveted the dish and me.
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5 Things Husbands Wish Their Wives Knew

Mark Twain once said “I wouldn’t have divorced my wife if she knew this kind of stuff.”  As modern-day couples fight through the struggles of marriage, there are certain things husbands wish their wives knew that would make their love shine so much brighter.  Specifically there are 5 things, and here they are.

1. Misconception of Medieval Life-Expectancy.

Wives need to stop assuming that men in medieval times were expected to die at a young age. It is true that life expectancy in the Middle Ages and earlier was low; however, one should not infer that people usually died around the age of 30. In fact, the low life expectancy is an average very strongly influenced by high infant mortality. The life expectancy of people who lived to adulthood was much higher. A man in medieval England, for example, could by one estimate expect to live to the age of 64. Wives need to know this!

husband and wife

As wives can see by this authentic portrait, medieval husbands are not always dead by age 30.

2. Vikings did not wear horns on their helmets.
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Grooms Day: In Anticipation of My Wedding

Marriage is a beautiful institution. Two people set aside their personal interests to become one. This union is marked by a (hopefully) once- in-a-lifetime ceremony commonly referred to as a wedding. In about six weeks, I will have a wedding of my own. With such a short amount of time before the ceremony, plans are frantically being made, work is constantly being done and a lot of stress is being had.

But the best part is, being the groom, I’m not involved with any of it.

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