This Week in Jokes! – Ben Carson and the Pyramids

Ben Carson and the Pyramids

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Sprint Wireless announced this week that they are aiming to cut costs by $2.5 billion. They’re going to start by switching to T-Mobile.

A new survey released this week found that the largest religious category among Democrats is “unaffiliated,” while the largest among Republicans is “Chevy.

Ben Carson

“Chevroletta, the god of uninsured vehicles.”


This week Gmail released a new feature on their app that writes emails for you. So if my emails suddenly sound professional and well thought out, you know why.

Donald Trump released a new book this week. Trump said a lot of hard work went into the book, and he can’t wait to see what it says.

Presidential candidate Ben Carson caused uproar this week when he said that he believes the pyramids were built to store grain. He’s wrong. I’ve been there. They were built to store slot machines.

Ben Carson

Ben Carson is thinking big about how long he can pull this off.

Singer Nick Lachey was a big backer of the Ohio marijuana legalization law that failed this week. Now we know why he was in 98 Degrees, because he was baked.

This week it was announced that retired comedian Jon Stewart will start working for HBO. Apparently Wal-Mart couldn’t match their offer.

This week Amazon announced that they are expanding benefits to employees expecting a baby. If employees are Prime members they get a free delivery.