This Week in Jokes! – Donald Trump and Muslims

Donald Trump and Muslims

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This week Donald Trump said he wants to make a database of US Muslims to help identify extremists. We already have a system to identify extremists, it’s called the Republican primaries.

Trump also said he wants to make a specific ID for American Muslims. Apparently having a driver’s license that says Abdul AzizBariFattahGhafurHadi isn’t enough.

This week all of America’s Southern states have said they will not accept Syrian refugees. When they heard this refugees said “Thank Goodness.”

Donald Trump and Muslims

Donald Trump giving what I’m sure is a well thought-out speech.

This week the final instalment of the Hunger Games franchise was released. Everybody is really excited about the film. Critics are saying that this is the best Hunger Games movie since the last one.

This week police pulled over a self-driving Google car for going 25mph in a 35mph zone. Police suspect it was using Internet Explorer.

Donald Trump and Muslims

“Are you under the influence of any Microsoft products?”

This week President Obama joined Facebook. The first post he made was about climate change. Which is too bad. The last thing Facebook needs is another person who only posts about politics.

Obama is already seeing the downsides to joining Facebook. He’s already had to ask Joe Biden to stop sending him game requests.

Last week the Republican candidates for president met for their fourth debate in Milwaukee. As always, there were too many candidates on the stage. In fact there were so many people with no chance of winning on the stage in Milwaukee I thought I was watching the Bucks.

To prepare for the debate, Jeb Bush said he rehearsed less than he did for the previous debates. Does that mean that the sad sap we watched the first three debates was a rehearsed Jeb?

Jeb Bush has also started swearing more in speeches to try and sound more assertive. I understand. I went through the same phase when I was eight.

Donald Trump and Muslims

This is a picture of Jeb Bush really, really wanting to swear.

This week former senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole endorsed Jeb Bush for president. Dole believes Jeb is the right man to carry on his legacy of losing to a Clinton.

This week Taco Bell announced that in 2016 they will begin to use cage free eggs. Also, in 2017 they plan to start using cage free employees.

KFC announced this week that they are starting an app based delivery service. This app will make it easier than ever to order diarrhea.