Why the Age I Got Married is Right for Everyone

Let’s make one thing clear, the age I got married is right for everyone. If you are skeptical, here are a list of reasons why the age I got married is also right for you.

1. Your wife is scheduled to graduate from college before you do, which means she will get a sweet job and become your sugar momma.

2. You’re at the perfect age where you’re old enough that people won’t judge you for being too young to get married, but still young enough that they feel bad for you and give you large cash gifts.

age i got married

Guys, relax. You’re adults now. It’s not like you ever see friends outside of work anyway.

3. The unexpected windfall of money you encountered in Austin, Texas last summer won’t last forever. Might as well buy a ring and pay for a honeymoon while you still have it.

4. It’s literally the only way to get out of your contract with University Housing.

age i got married

The Royal Family continues the tradition of staring directly into the British sun on their wedding day.

5. Having a wife is a great excuse to give to Vivint sales recruiters. Even better if you tell them she’s pregnant.

6. In the first year of marriage, you will save over 300 hours of time by not playing get to know you games at singles activities.

7. The pressure from your parents to find a good girl has a compounding interest of 32% per year. You will save yourself a lot of stress by getting it over with.

age i got marriage

My wife and I sporting our new jackets on our wedding day.

8. Both you and your wife have adult siblings. Postponing the wedding would run the risk of having your wedding the same time of a sibling, which means you have to share your parent’s money.

9. Your DVD collection will automatically double.

10. You won a weekend stay at a fancy hotel by making a half-court shot during a basketball game last year. If you never tell your wife about it, you can use it as an early anniversary gift before it expires.


age i got married

Kim and Kanye on their wedding day.