FAQ about the Peculiar People Comedy DVD

You asked them and I’m answering them. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Deseret Book’s new comedy DVD “Peculiar People.”

peculiar people

Q. How much does “Peculiar People” cost?

$14.99 (About 1/55th the price of a college textbook)

Q. What is the street value?

U.S. 5 dollars, U.K 17 pounds. Mexico 6 grams.

Q. Where can I buy “Peculiar People”?

Deseret Book, Seagull Book,, and in about 9 months it will be available at most truck stops.

Q. Will I recognize any of the comedians?

Yes. Abi Harrison was featured on The Left Field, Jeremy Warner is a cast member on Studio C, and you went to high school with Aaron Woodall.

Q. Does it make Mormons look cool?

We tried very hard to represent members of the LDS faith the best we could.

Q. But does it make Mormons look cool?

Let’s just say you’ll want to invite Steve Soelberg over for a game of charades after you watch it.

Q. So no.

No, not really.

Q. I’m not a member of the Mormon Church, will I understand the jokes?

Much of the material shown will be funny to everyone, regardless of religious background.  But if you find that you don’t get some of the jokes follow these instructions.

  1. Pause the DVD
  2. Visit, click on “Meet with Mormon Missionaries
  3. Visit with the missionaries
  4. Be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  5. Serve a mission for the LDS church
  6. Return home 18 months to 2 years later
  7. Resume watching the DVD

Q. Which comedian is the funniest?

Isaac Thomas.  As the saying goes, leave your best stuff for right in the middle.

Q. Will there be a sequel?

Depends on how many copies you buy.

Q. Is this the perfect Mother’s Day gift?


Q. Should I just get my Christmas shopping done now and buy 32 copies?

That would definitely help you enjoy the true meaning of Christmas.

Q. I see that Josh Fonokalafi is on the DVD, why haven’t you made any jokes about him yet?

Because he’s bigger than me.


“A Night of Peculiar People Comedy” is available in stores and online now