This Week in Jokes! – Joe Biden Considers Running

Joe Biden Considers Running

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The big question this week is whether or not Vice President Joe Biden will run for president. Joe Biden is trying to decide if he has what it takes to lose a third Democratic primary.

President Obama has given Joe Biden permission to run for president. Obama believes Biden is capable of both campaigning & finishing his G.E.D.

Joe Biden

“Yes Joe, I’ve heard about the man from Nantucket.”

On the GOP side this week Rick Perry criticized John Kasich for expanding Medicaid in Ohio. Kasich responded “Dude, I totally forgot we were running for president.”

A fraternity in Virginia got in trouble this week for hanging sexually suggestive banners outside of their house. I’m very disappointed in them. I expected more from an organization built on the principles of beer & sex.

For punishment, members of the fraternity will have their fake ID’s suspended.

The Salt Lake City library announced this week that it will soon be open 24/7. I didn’t know late night reading was so popular with homeless people.

The band One Direction said this week that they will be taking time off from touring. They will use the time to concentrate on having someone write them new music.

This week Donald Trump told reporter Jorge Ramos to “Go back to Univision.” Donald Trump does not support legal status for Univision journalists that sneak into press conferences.

This week Radio Shack agreed to pay back $46 million for unused gift cards. I can’t believe their were $46 million worth of unclaimed answering machines.

But it begs the question, who’s the idiot that was giving out Radio Shack gift cards? Was this a gag gift?

Joe Biden

Come play with us, Danny

This week for the first time ever one billion people used Facebook in a single day. It marked the loneliest day in human history.