This Week in Jokes! – Teen Arrested for Bringing Clock to School

Teen Arrested for Bringing Clock to School

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This week a teenager in Texas was arrested after he brought a homemade clock to school. Faculty became suspicious by the student’s excitement for learning.

teen arrested for bringing clock to school

Ahmed Muhammad showing the same enthusiasm that got him arrested.

This week Donald Trump said he’s willing to spend up to $100 million to win. You know he’s serious when he’s willing to spend .0125% of his money on winning. (*Actual %)

The nation of Cuba is preparing this week to celebrate the arrival of Pope Francis. To make room for the celebration, Cuba is redirecting traffic, clearing garbage and debris, and executing political prisoners.

This week Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley said the U.S should do more to help refugees in Europe. O’Malley said he knows how hard it is to not have any support.

Constitution Day was this week. In honor of the U.S. Constitution I would like to do a quick lesson to remind us about a couple of the basics of the Constitution.

The government is divided into three branches. Legislative, Judicial, and Obama’s Executive Orders.

The Bill of Rights, featured in the Constitution, gives us these  five inalienable rights;

The right to passive religious observance

The right to hold D.A.R.E. Assemblies.

The right to Meet the Press.

The right to block people on Facebook because of their speech.

The right to gather email addresses through online petitions.

teen arrested for brining clock to school

‘I’ll sign with one hand, and smoke the world’s tiniest pipe with the other.”

This week major road construction at the Los Angeles International Airport began. The road construction is expected to cause heavy traffic and foul odors, making it just like the rest of L.A.